How To Get Rid of Cable TV

With the mounting cable bill, you may feel the need to cut the cord and go for alternative options. But many a time, you may wonder on how to watch all of the favourite shows and LIVE sports without a cable network. Though it may seem difficult at first, but when you have carried out a proper research then getting rid of cable TV becomes a lot easier.

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Analyse the programs you watch:

Firstly, before cutting the cord, it is important to make a note of all the shows and programs you would still want to continue with. The very thought of not watching those shows would demotivate a person from cutting the cord and they may continue with cable. Hence make a list of shows that you would prefer watching even after the cord cutting.

Select the alternatives:

At one time, cable and satellite subscriptions ruled every household. But this is no longer the case with advancement in technology and multiple entertainment options available in the market. To make the wise decision, you would need to analyse which entertainment alternatives would broadcast your favourite shows and at what cost. Multiple options such as TV antenna, online streaming services, streaming devices, and so on.

HDTV antenna:

Remember those days of having a rabbit ear TV in your household wherein you would watch a certain number of channels. Even though the onset of cable made those antennas extinct. But they are back and for the betterment of the people. The TV antennas have come a long way in terms of its technology and also its look. They are various type of antennas you can select from such as indoors and outdoors. Each of the antenna is different from the other. You would need to select the right one that suits your preferences and go ahead with the installation. TV antenna provides you access to various major broadcast channels such as ABC, CBS, Fox and so on absolutely free of cost.

Internet package:

When you plan to cut the cord, there may be a need for internet service as well. Since not all of the premium channels are available through TV antenna hence you may need a good internet package to access your favourite TV show or movies. Check the various internet package deal and go in for the best data pack that suits your family needs. Note that if there is a data cap then it would charge you extra once you exceed that limit. Also there are various internet providers who also charge you for a router, you can buy one of your own.

Smart TV:

For those who have television on or after 2009 then they be at a better chance to stream various online shows or sports. However, if you have an older version of the TV then probably you may need to go in for a converter or get a new one altogether to view your favourite shows. The modern age TV’s are called as Smart TV. Most of them also have a built-on app. Also they can be connected to the internet so that you can view your shows uninterrupted.