How Popular is Cord Cutting Across the United States?

Are you still wondering whether to cut the cord or continue with your cable TV? Then you should understand that this question is a common concern in the minds of most of the Americans. Cord cutting is gaining momentum in US. There are millions of Americans who have taken the plunge in ditching the traditional cable TV and going ahead with other services. This rate is known to be continuing even faster as more and more Americans are going ahead with the decision to cut the cord. In the current year, there has been an increase in the number of US citizens who have ditched their cable TV and also do not look to re-subscribe to it. This number will rise to around 33% wherein 33 to 35 million adults have cancelled the Pay TV subscription. The numbers in the previous year were around 25million of American cord-cutters.

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Cable giant Comcast, AT&T had declared their 4th quarter results wherein it showed a clear drop in the subscribers of Pay TV. This drop has been 3.4% than the previous year. This would mean that alone in the fourth quarter more than 5,00,000 customers have left the cable subscription to take another route. This calculation is not inclusive of those growing number of households who haven’t ever subscribed for cable TV. They are known as cord nervers instead of cord cutters. The cable bundle is turning out to be a major downside for the viewers and led to a shift towards more flexible and less expensive offerings from other alternatives.

The rise in the cord cutters has led to an increase in the viewers going in for online streaming services and devices. In US alone, there are 150 million people who watch Netflix at least once each month. This number is then followed by 88 million people watching Amazon Prime Video and around 55 million watching Hulu.

One of the main culprit which has led to the rise in people cancelling Pay TV is the pricing. The average cable bill in the year 2017 was $100 every month. The cord-cutting trend has become 10 times more popular than what it was a decade ago. Second reason for the rise in cord-cutters is the presence of these broadcast channels through TV antenna which is absolutely free from any kind of subscription. Hence channels such as CBS, ABC, Fox, PBS are all available through TV antenna and absolutely free of cost then why not an individual would go in for cord cutting.

There can be chances that even if you have not yet cut the cord, you may be aware about someone who never had cable subscription but is still enjoying their favourite shows on TV. Then now is the right time to take a step ahead and see what magic can be done with the combination of TV antennas and your regular TV. This can also be complemented with an online streaming service or a set-top box. This is mostly for those viewers who would want to test the waters before leaping into it. Hence you can go in for these alternatives and once you are comfortable, you can cut the cord.