Gift Ideas for Cutting the Cord

The great movement of cord cutting has been on a spree. More and more number of people are coming ahead to take this bold decision and looking to save their money. Here we present to you some of the best gifts you can give to a cord cutter.

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Amazon Fire Stick TV:

Gone are those days wherein one had to juggle with multiple remotes operating their TV. A new Amazon Fire Stick TV provides a best way of entertainment wherein it also introduces Alexa a voice assistant. This voice assistant would allow you to do a lot of activities such as, playing on your favourite music, turning on your favourite shows or sports and also controls the light in the room. Music lovers can get access to millions of music via the Amazon Music. When it comes to sharp visuals and great sound, this streaming stick is also very much compatible with Dolby Vision, HDR, 4K Ultra HD and HDR10+.

Membership to their favourite online streaming service:

The online streaming services are now quite in demand since they offer their viewers with variety of entertainment option. One can also watch live sports through these streaming services. They are one of the best alternatives that have been replacing the need for a TV cable. You can gift your loved one a few months of membership to their favourite streaming service which would continue throughout the year. One of the best value for money would be Amazon Prime or Netflix membership. Both of these also offer electronic gift cards.

Google Chromecast:

The Chromecast is considered to be a wireless receiver for the TV. It is controlled with the help of a smartphone. You can make use of the Googles Chromecast extensions or its app for streaming the content present on your phone on to TV. The latest version has offered a seamless integration with your Wi-Fi.

Over-The-Air Antenna:

Another best gifting option for a cord cuter would be an over-the-air Antenna. It is considered to be an easier and effective method of viewing free channels at the comfort of your house. Based on where the individual is residing you may need to identify the correct TV antenna. The setup is pretty much simple especially if you go in for indoor TV antennas. When it comes to the outdoor TV antenna, you would need to mount it in a proper spot facing the transmission tower and then plug the cable to the TV

Streaming devices:

Streaming devices are also a good idea when it comes to gifting your loved ones. There are various unique kind of boxes you can choose from. One of the main requirement for these streaming devices is to have a good internet connection. You can go in for such as device that can be combined along with multiple streaming services. This would enable the viewers to watch most of their favourite shows, movies and other entertainment options.


Getting an over-the-air DVR is one of the best ways to record your favourite shows. You can get multiple types of DVR in the market. Most of them work with a built-in tuner as well as OTA antenna when it comes to capturing and recording your favourite TV shows or sports.